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We helped!...
We showed up to make it work there...

It's was our Turn to HELP Another Neighbor: Christina Court - near the Aliso Creek Trail: June 8th 9a-12p

Christina Court.prior.field.052924.jpg
Recall recently how many showed up to help us re-plant trees and flowers in Santa Vittoria Park... the City is into beautification!!!

It continues to amaze everyone:
We fix up an area and move on to another, painting, weeding and planting.
Be part of the answer, make the improvements we want to see!


Painting 4/27
On "Teramo Wall

Jessica Fan
Repainting. 4.27.24.jpg

Recent Work:
Transplant succulent donations...

City is making improvements to our parks!


It starts with this white cross, actually several near all three parks.  The surveyors hired by the City are preparing for aerial images to help make precise measurements that will guide the implementation of changes we have wanted to see for several years. YES! the kids playground will get improvements.  Interested in making improvements? Volunteer on our Board and participate in the decision-making.


So, when you see a truck like this or one not familiar to the area, you might ask what they are doing and complement them for working diligently with the City staff to make improvements.  Volunteer on our Board and we'll examine what is being considered.

As an uplifting note: almost everything we have requested the city to consider is now being evaluated, planned and designed.

So, why are they installing electricity lines to our new gazebo?

Our community entry will have a display of Christmas lights just like all the other parks.  This is an upgrade that will perhaps allow permitted (get a permit) activities that may need electricity.  This has not yet been confirmed how such permits may be evaluated for approval.


Bid on this!

This beautiful wood stool or table was donated by West Coast Arborists to help fundraise for Laguna Terrace Beatification.
Now, it is available to you and will be on display 6/15 at our 10:00 am coffee gathering at the gazebo, Starting minimum bid $125.00.  These sell for $300 in Anaheim at the Street Free Revival - Urban Wood Recycling Program.
Actually, these are made from healthy trees taken from our parks and then treed and recycled into beautiful furniture, tables, plaques, stools and 

Future Connections:
Remember that big blank open space at the end of Ridge Route that leads to the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park area and then, in the proximity to the Regional multi-use trail in Irvine which then leads to the ocean?
The plein air image here depicts the beautiful area that it is.
Would you be interested in seeing that come to fruition? Volunteer on our Board now.

Past successes:


City Re-vitalization -
starts with us!
When you wish the weeds weren't there or that wall was repaired, it's our opportunity to make it happen. Join us!

20230414_gazebo n

Arbor Day Trees & Shrubs Rooted Campaign
at Santa Vittoria Park  April 27th WAS A Giant Reformation of the Park!!!

Sign Plants.01.jpg

Plein Air Painting Contest  
May 11th 8am-5pm was a beautiful hit in the community : music combined with Plein Aire art captured on paper or canvas in water colors, acrylic or oil!


Families set up tables and played games, and some had their lunch.


100 Attended the event!

Plein Air painting under the beautiful trees in the outdoors is an experience you won't forget.  Painters (about 25)  were  really challenged to perform their best under time limits and changing light conditions of the day.  It was cloudy at the start and clearing gently by 10:00 AM.  Imagine yourself trying to paint - mixing the right colors and shades of those colors, showing depth and foreground.  The best part: some of these images blossomed before our eyes - some have been purchased and some might find their way to city buildings and homes in Laguna Terrace.
Plein Air.image.ebrite.png

People were invited to Register to attend on this QR code -thru e-bright and get free beverages and food.

Work was being completed at San Remo Park to install crosswalk lights!!!

Keeley McCool image_edited.jpg
Keeley McCool

Congratulations!!!  to the City of Laguna Hills for installation of the new and improved gazebo at Santa Maria and San Remo! And supplying A PORTION OF paint to make the wall more of a positive greeting to our neighborhoods.


This group of ambitious neighbors responded to the call

for help painting - arrived 9:00 am & completed by 11:30

Current Projects:

Other neighbors have gathered succulents to replant along San Remo and you can donate your succulents too! Message us...

trash 3.jpg

History  (of gazebo and entry wall improvements)

  • June 1st  2022  Presentation to the Parks and Recreation Commission - the video was well received and Consultant Dick Fisher was in attendance.

  • July LTBT has continued to meet with City staff and discuss priorities, including the highest immediate priority our  'entry wall' on San Remo at Santa Maria.

  • The gazebo at the entry to our community WAS being further discussed to identify funding and planned installation.  Board members  Stephen Hooley , and Harry Huggins met August 22nd with Council Woman Erica Pezold  in City Hall to discuss the plans and design for a Gazebo at our Community Entrance at Santa Maria  and San Remo. SEE PROJECTS for more details

  • Re-conditioning the "Entry Wall'  remains a priority

    • There were thoughts that refinishing the ​wall could be a stone finish similar to the bottom support posts of the proposed gazebo. But Painting is less expensive

  • Securing improvements to ​neglected homes  was discussed at length

  • How to inspire better care of open space along major streets as being "view-corridors" to improve the City.

Weeding along Teramo

Let's talk about what to do next...
Coffee & doughnuts:
3rd Saturdays at 10 am


Plein Air.image.ebrite.png

20230413_Gazebo staff_edited.jpg

City staff installed the gazebo.

Project Potentially on our Horizon:
Board Members have identified this wall as 'not very representative' of our community:

  •  Do you know a neighbor who lives along this wall?

  • Can we determine which portion is in City ownership with road dedication?

  • July?  or August? or September?

20220125_RR.Wall dull.orig.close.jpg
We have a webmaster that could help you too:
Craig W. Cooley
PO Box 353 Laguna Beach,
CA 92652
PH: 310-254-5871

WE  Appreciate and honor  Our Founding Donor!

Bob Strausheim has been known for years serving all our real estate needs in the Laguna Terrace  neighborhoods.



Thank you Bob!!!

Bob Strausheim.image.crisp.jpg

LTBT Board Members organized and held community meetings to determine the best paths forward...

Drought Tolerant Plants

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