Parks Commission Received our requests...

  • June 1st   Presentation to the Parks and Recreation Commission - the video was well received and Consultant Dick Fisher was in attendance.

  • July LTBT has continued to meet with City staff and discuss priorities, including the highest immediate priority our  'entry wall' on San Remo at Santa Maria.

  • The gazebo at the entry to our community is being further discussed to identify funding and planned installation.  Board members  Stephen Hooley, Michael Belluscio , and Harry Huggins met August 22nd with Council Woman Erica Pezold  in City Hall to discuss the plans and design for a Gazebo at our Community Entrance at Santa Maria  and San Remo. SEE PROJECTS for more details

  • Re-conditioning the "Entry Wall'  remains a priority

    • it is thought that refinishing the ​wall could be a stone finish similar to the bottom support posts of the proposed gazebo.

  • Securing improvements to ​neglected homes  was discussed at length

  • How to inspire better care of open space along major streets as being "view-corridors" to improve the City.

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Bob has been known for years serving our neighborhoods.


Thank you Bob!!!

We have been measuring the many utility boxes in Laguna Terrace that need restoration. And have reached an agreement with  Laguna Hills High School Art students to execute their best native plants artwork on our utility boxes...  A $1,000 check from Laguna Woods Art Association has been awarded to us for this project.


Note: See the Edison utility box at the corner of San Remo and Pesaro


Community Picnic Postponed

Due to several conflicts in schedules and a lack of enthusiasm expressed in the community, the Board has decided it best to find another date in the future. 

Recent community meetings in San Remo Park (6/14 & 6/18) were effective in organizing the priorities.

Watch it here...











"We Need Money, honey..."

Every donation to Laguna Terrace Beautification is a solid investment in our community, where it can be immediate and noticeable to everyone. Best of all, it’s able to be deducted from your annual income, likely saving you tax dollars in 2022.

Our non-profit is in the Registry of Charitable Trusts wherein the FEIN number is: 86-3257220 , which we will provide to you on your donation receipt for filing with your taxes. If not money, join our steering committee.



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Future Projects


The City of Laguna Hills Parks and Recreation would like to learn more about what improvements are desired in the community.  Comment and vote on what you'd like to see under 'ISSUES' 

Now think of the Ridge Route Wall restoration and planting.

Drought Tolerant Plants
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