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Drought Tolerant Plants

Congratulations!!!  to the City of Laguna Hills for installation of the new and improved gazebo at Santa Maria and San Remo! And supplying A PORTION OF paint to make the wall more of a positive greeting to our neighborhood.

   GROUP PHOTO   "We Did It"

This group of ambitious neighbors responded to the call

for help painting - arrived 9:00 am & completed by 11:30

Landscape maintenance supervisor Ryan Hanley has suggested several improvements currently under consideration:

  • Installation of a 'french drain' to help divert hillside run-off from running over the front of the wall

  • Soil enhancements to encourage better growth on the hillside above the wall

  • Completed a good Pressure wash the wall to remove loose paint 

  • Current Plan: Plant fig ivy at the foot of the wall to provide a lasting wall protection over the coming years. (irrigation installed too.)

LTBT was Honored...The Heritage Day event provided u
a check of $517 - proceeds for the ABC License and sales which we had

.... acquired


Bob has been known for years serving our neighborhoods.


Thank you Bob!!!

WALL.start 20230612_.jpg
Wall Paint removal begun

Wall painting   and healthy plants at the base have been the needed beautification here...

Coffee & doughnuts:
3rd Saturdays at 10 am
We need your succulent donations - you may leave at the gazebo

 A vote was taken in June and the color "grizzly" won ! 
Thereafter, It was used on a fence on Teramo and approved  by the neighbors there.

Painted wall.1.jpg
When our estimate of the gallons needed fell short, guess who said YES! to buying the balance of paint we needed... you guessed it: Bob Strausheim  (see bio below)

Recent Work:

9/18/23:  Staff installed fig ivy to eventually cover the wall in 4 to 5 years.
 & Excess soil  removed.

HISTORY of this effort

  • June 1st  2022  Presentation to the Parks and Recreation Commission - the video was well received and Consultant Dick Fisher was in attendance.

  • July LTBT has continued to meet with City staff and discuss priorities, including the highest immediate priority our  'entry wall' on San Remo at Santa Maria.

  • The gazebo at the entry to our community WAS being further discussed to identify funding and planned installation.  Board members  Stephen Hooley , and Harry Huggins met August 22nd with Council Woman Erica Pezold  in City Hall to discuss the plans and design for a Gazebo at our Community Entrance at Santa Maria  and San Remo. SEE PROJECTS for more details

  • Re-conditioning the "Entry Wall'  remains a priority

    • There were thoughts that refinishing the ​wall could be a stone finish similar to the bottom support posts of the proposed gazebo. But Painting is less expensive

  • Securing improvements to ​neglected homes  was discussed at length

  • How to inspire better care of open space along major streets as being "view-corridors" to improve the City.

Bob Strausheim.image.crisp.jpg
20220125_RR.Wall dull.orig.close.jpg

WE  Appreciate and honor  Our Founding Donor!

Bob Strausheim has been known for years serving all our real estate needs in the Laguna Terrace  neighborhoods.



Thank you Bob!!!

We are growing and welcome your participation!
Come meet your neighbors, join in on collective efforts to beautify our neighborhood.
20220125_RR.Wall dull.orig.close.jpg
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