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Yes, all community organizations depend upon financial support to set up equipment for zooms, set up this website and make way to supply the needy people in our neighborhoods with paint & plants, and recruit volunteers.


Not everybody can show up to rake, shovel, and pound, but we can all help in some way to make this succeed in the community. Decide for yourself: “Is this what I want for our neighborhoods in Laguna Terrace?”  

So maybe you'd like to donate another way:



The End of 2022 – Best Time to Donate


Finally, we have winter rain, and a beautiful spring could be on our horizon, so it’s time to plant those hillsides and paint those ignored walls.

Every donation to Laguna Terrace Beautification is a solid investment in our community, where it can be immediate and noticeable to everyone. Best of all, it’s able to be deducted from your annual income, likely saving you tax dollars in 2022.

Our non-profit is in the Registry of Charitable Trusts wherein the FEIN number is:       86-3257220 , which we will provide to you on your donation receipt for filing with your taxes.



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