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Services Known in Laguna Terrace:  (currently under review)

Because our community is a diverse blend of national origins and fundamental beliefs:

Thought provoking readings-
About the Exhibition 'Spiritual Geographies' explores a period during which California became known for its broad-minded tolerance of new creeds alongside more established religions, even as the national mood shifted increasingly toward a secular worldview. Time magazine remarked in 1930 on “a flourishing of cults, of religious novelties, and new fashions in faiths” in the state, and linked this spiritual effervescence to California’s natural world: “Flowery, sun-drenched California, where Nature exhibits herself in mystical opulence . . . is particularly propitious for this flourishing.” This association drove artists to depict the state’s landscape with a sense of drama and purpose. Spiritual Geographies therefore examines how landscape painting became a spiritual pursuit in California between 1890 and 1930, when the beauty of the state’s wilderness reconfigured notions of the sacred, and as California’s painters imbued the pictured landscape with spiritual meaning—even as many of them avoided overt religious imagery. The exhibition also presents historical publications that used landscape in theological discussions.


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