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Current Considerations

Entry Wall Color Choices Result:
 "grizzly" is the name of this color and had been applied to a wood fence at Teramo and Lipari as a representation or demonstration of what the entry wall would feature.


Wood fence.demo.grizzly.1.jpg

Soil running over the top of the wall along and down the face along Santa Maria  is a deplorable look for a community trying to be clean and beautiful.  Run-off is a need for maintenance solutions and probably a coat of paint would make a world of difference. 102322.jpg

Artwork on our utility boxes - Talent Search

Work Plan:

1.) The box will be given a primer coat appropriate for the material of the box. 

2.) Art students at Laguna Hills High School will propose illustrations of CA Native Plants to paint on the boxes selected for there size and location.

We are especially  looking for California Native plants known in the surrounding wilderness areas.

3.) On select days of good weather, students will paint with the assistance of LTBT volunteers providing any needed support.

4D SanRemo_edited.jpg
Succulent image 4 SR.jpg
Replant the ignored spaces along  San Remo by transplanting  donated succulents .
Landscape improvements can be accomplished by re-locating succulents and grasses.





























Teramo Hill Maintenance

We have planted native plants and continue to plant soil retention choices to prevent run-off onto the face of the wall.

Quarterly weed removal and implementing walking paths to perform the maintenance required.

trash 3_edited.jpg
.trash 2.jpg
Stonemason skills to apply and build bases and help with refacing the 'entry wall' across San Remo... (supplies all provided)
20220125_RR.Wall dull.orig.close.jpg

Concept of a metal roof with steel poles anchored in stone finished bases.

20220125_RR.Wall dull.orig.close.jpg

Other issues:

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