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Laguna Terrace Beautification

We are organized to help our neighborhood improve and blossom as one of the best in the City of Laguna Hills.  We are a diverse population of new young families, seniors, and everyone one in between.

Laguna Terrace is an ideally located neighborhood with excellent infrastructure and amenities built-in from the early 70’s.  We have three beautiful parks that are well maintained on a weekly basis, year-round by contracts with the City .

Our goals include making the curb appeal better on every street, helping with painting, landscaping, and fence repairs. We support neighbors knowing one another, perhaps being like a  'Neighborhood Watch' to one another. 

Anyone can be a member to help make this a strong, even more enviable community that we are all so proud to live in. 

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San Remo Park
<Santa Vitoria Park 
<Gazebo Entry Park
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