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Rules for Art Submissions

Laguna Terrace Plein Air Painting Contest


  1. Registration must be completed by 5 PM May 8th.

  2. Plan to finish your work the same day (May 11th) by 5 PM

  3. Wear a provided wristband indicating you are a paid, registered painter.

  4. To submit for judging, provide a wired-back frame for your work so that we may properly hang it and allow judges to see it the way you intended.

  5. The adequacy of mounting the painting on any surface is your responsibility.

  6. Do not remove your painting from the event, if so, your submittal will be disqualified. (Framing at your vehicle is permitted, tell the ‘Ambassador’ at your location what you are doing.)

  7. Provide a title and your name with a phone number on your submittal.

  8. Do not disturb another artist, you may become disqualified.

  9. Your work will be photographed for marketing by Laguna Terrace Beautification.

  10. If your work is sold through Laguna Terrace Beautification it is an 80/20 split.

  11. Any failure to comply with these rules may disqualify you.



  • You may bring your own food or purchase sandwiches at the event.

  • Beverages will be provided in AM and at lunch.

  • You may park along nearby streets or at the elementary school parking lot.

  • These rules may be amended up to 3 days before the event, please check back to this site.

  • There is a drop-off and pick up area at your location.

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